How We Record the Podcast

Sound recording

Recording on a PC
All recordings are done on a Zoom H4 recorder. That goes for recordings done in the field or in the studio. The Zoom is great for hand held recordings both outside and indoors.

I also connect the Zoom up to the Xenyx 802 mixing desk via a couple of XLR cables.
Studio recordings are all done via Skype. The quality of the Skype calls is variable but is usually fine for podcast recordings. I am often amazed at the quality of calls even to the other side of the world.
Once recorded I import the WAV files into Audacity on my Windows 7 PC. 
The Xenyx 802 is part of the Behringer Podcast Studio pack that comes with a Behringer C1 condenser microphone and a set of basic headphones.

I edit the podcast in Audacity and then export the edited file as a WAV file.
I then drag the WAV file into iTunes and then get iTunes to create an MP3 file.
After adding the relevant tags to the file I upload it to my servers.

Video recording

I use a Canon Mini-DV camcorder the HV20.

I usually mount the Canon HV20 on to a Cullmann Multipod which has 2 further ‘legs’ with suckers on the end so you can secure the Multipod to the aircraft side windows.

With the increase in quality of the GoPro cameras I’m starting to use them more and more. In most instances I use the GoPro Hero 2. I either mount the GoPro on to the aircraft window with a sucker mount or use the head strap mount which gives great images around the cockpit. You just have to remember to not move your head too much!

To get the aircraft intercom sound into the cameras I use a video sound recorder cable adaptor from Aircraft Spruce

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  1. You just have to remember to not move your head too much!
    Somewhat difficult as a pilot, one must keep constant vigilance outside the cockpit. I haven’t flown in the UK for a number of years. Here in mainland Europe the sky is VERY crowded.

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