Flying Videos

Here are some videos of flights that I have done and then posted on YouTube. The most recent are at the bottom of the page.

1. Take off and flight to overhead Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley. Return to Barton for landing. In all, a one hour flight condensed to 2 minutes.

2. A landing at Welshpool Airport.

3. Take off from R09 at Barton

4. A flight out of Barton to overhead Burscough and then back to Barton for a touch & go and then a final landing.

5. Flying Circuits at Barton now in high-definition

6. A flight from White Waltham with my cousin Peter in his Cessna 172. We flew down to the coast on an extremely busy day, passing over Farnborough in both directions.

7. Gliding at London Gliding Club with instructor Adrian Hobbs. A great trial flight including some aerobatics.

8. A flight to Caernarfon from Barton. The flight was via Liverpool’s airspace transiting from Burtonwood to Wallasey beacon, then along the north Wales coast and down the Menai Straits.

9. A flight from Barton to Wolverhampton, Halfpenny Green via the low-level route and Shawbury MATZ.

10. A video of my flight, starting overhead Clitheroe in the Ribble Valley and ending with a landing at Manchester, Barton

11. A flight with my daughter, Stephanie, from Caernarfon to Barton in a PA28. It was a very hazy day so the video quality isn’t so good but a great trip anyway.

12. A quick flight around the local area in a PA-28 with Graham Parker. We took off from Barton, Manchester, to do some circuits and a couple of stalls. The cloud was quite low so we only stayed up for an hour or so. The sun was very low in the sky and the airfield was very wet making for interesting landings.

13. A flight in a glider from the Centre de Vol a Voile at the Aerodrome de St Martin de Londres just north of Montpellier, southern France. Australian Graeme Judell was the instructor on this 30 minute flight over the arid Pic St Loup area. We were towed up by the gliding club’s Rallye aircraft before entering a powerful thermal taking us up to the max allowed of 1350m. It was 35 deg C outside and who knows how hot inside but it was great fun. Video shot on GoPro Hero 2 using their head strap to fix to my forehead.

14. A series of landings in an Ikarus at Barton Aerodrome. I hadn’t flown for a while so went up with Marcus Furniss from Mainair for a few circuits. He managed to remain cool, calm and very professional despite my indifferent landings. My excuse was the cross wind! Footage taken with GoPro Hero 2. I’ll try and get the ATC sound into the camera next time.

15. A flight with Scott Beaver from Sherburn. Scott is planning a round Britain, record setting flight to raise money for his chosen charity, Wings for Wishes. By way of a trial we took our chosen camera gear up for a nav exercise out to the Humber Bridge. We had a Canon HV20 mini-DV cam and a GoPro Hero 2. The ATC was captured in the Canon via a cable into the camcorder.

16. A flight in an Ikarus microlight from Barton Airport. It’s been a fair few months since I last flew an Ikarus so I really needed the rust knocking off. Tony Tomlins, an instructor with Mainair Flying School, took me up for some circuits. The weather was extremely hazy so it wasn’t easy to fly the circuit accurately but, with Tony’s help, it all went well.
This time I tried piping the sound directly into the Go Pro Hero 2 direct from the aircraft’s audio system.

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