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Welcome to Flying Podcast, a podcast about, yes you’ve guessed it, flying. After I discovered aviation podcasts in 2008 I started listening to as many podcasts that I could find. As all of them in those days came from the US I thought it would be a good idea to start up one here in the UK. I’ve long been interested in aviation and, like most aviators, I enjoy talking about planes almost as much as flying itself.

Over these last few years I’ve been talking to people involved in aviation and not just pilots but anyone that has a passion for flight. From the very simplest forms of aviation, like paragliding, to the more complex, like fast jets. It’s all here!
It’s been great fun and a pleasure to meet all of the folks that have appeared on the podcast. It goes without saying that I’m always looking for more interviewees. So, if you’ve got an interesting story to tell, give me a shout.
I produce the podcast just for the love of aviation and to try and promote all aspects of aviation but it ain’t cheap. You can help support the podcast by donating a small amount by using the ‘Donate’ button top right, you can buy something from one of the Amazon links or simply click on a Google Adwords link that interests you. Every little helps!

General Aviation Podcasts

I’ve enjoyed meeting lots of people involved in GA and there’s probably a slight bias towards this end of the industry. I flew a PA28 for many years and love this sort of flying. Once I started chatting to my GA friends I got to meet lots of fellow aviators involved in building their own aircraft, flying great distances around the world or just pottering off for that £100 cuppa tea.

Podcasts about Learning to Fly

I spent 18 months or so learning to fly and I found the whole process fascinating. To help encourage others to spread their wings I sought out all types of flying instructor to appear on the podcast. If you’ve an interest in learning to fly or just enjoy listening to the experience of others then have a listen. There are PPL instructors, CPL, NPPL microlight, gyrocopter, balloon, gliding and probably some other types of instructors that I’ve forgotten.

Microlight Aviation Podcasts

Having dabbled in microlighting I really do think that it has a rosy future. Discover the joys of the lighter end of aviation listening to podcasts from microlight flying schools, pilots that are pushing aviation boundaries and even those wanting to fly to the south pole in a microlight!

Gyrocopter Podcasts

This was a real eye-opener. What a great ‘new’ branch of aviation and all very exciting. I loved flying in a gyrocopter and think that this branch of aviation has lots of growth potential. Join me as I talk to the innovative chaps involved in the world of gyros. There’s always a big crowd around the gyrocopter stands at the Flying Show and now that these craft seem to be much safer I think we’ll be seeing many more whirly-birds at our local airfields.

Gliding Podcasts

Glider pilots have always held my respect after all they only get one chance to land their aircraft. For me I think you should try as many forms of aviation as possible and so I thought I’d gave gliding a try. It found it to be a fascinating world with lots of dedicated participants willing to share their knowledge and love of their sport. Have a listen to the gliding podcasts and see what you’re missing.

Aviation Museum Podcasts

With an interest in history too I found my days out at the various aviation museums that I visited to be really fascinating. Here I found people with such an in depth knowledge of a certain aspect of the history of flight. Have a listen to these museum podcasts and then go and visit them yourselves. We have some cracking museums of flight here in the UK and I look forward to getting around to some more soon so keep listening!

Military Aviation Podcasts

It doesn’t get much better than sitting in a Eurofighter Typhoon or crawling through a Lancaster bomber. I really enjoyed meeting the folks that get to fly our front line jets or work to keep them in the air. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to the dedicated bunch that love to fly or just be around military aircraft. With the decreasing numbers of WW2 aviators still around it’s also a great honour to record their experiences here on the podcast.

Commercial Aviation Podcasts

As many of us aviators aspire (or like me, aspired) to fly commercial airliners I chatted to a few of those lucky enough to find themselves in the left seat of a Boeing or an Airbus.
If you too are dreaming of becoming a commercial pilot then have a listen to these episodes.

Helicopter Podcasts

I have nothing but admiration for helicopter pilots. Having tried to fly one I came away with the feeling that I’d never manage it. I had the chance to interview military and civilian pilots and thoroughly enjoyed both. I spent a great two days down at RAF Shawbury seeing for myself how the UK’s armed forces are trained to fly helicopters. A great series of podcasts.

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  1. Hope you’re still podcasting, I really enjoy your interviews… keep up the good work!

  2. Yes Iain, still podcasting but there are so many other things that have to come first! New episode any day now. Thanks for your comment. Steve

  3. Hi Steve. Will you be releasing any more podcasts? I’m an avid listener and have been eagerly awaiting new episodes.


  4. Hi Martyn. I hope to be back podcasting soon. Just been really busy with other things. Thanks for getting in touch. It is wonderful to hear from listeners.

  5. keep your podcast coming, i found them very useful we i learning to fly and lla plane building, im now about to start building a vp1 cheers Chris

  6. Hi Steve,
    Listening to your podcasts from Australia. Love your work. Very informative and always eager to listen to the next one. Hurry up and put out your next one!
    Cheers Anthony

  7. Steve, I realise that you’re not podcasting any more (after all, we’re all busy people) but I just wanted to say that as a new student pilot I have found your podcasts intriguing, educational and fascinating. Due to you I now know what to expect from the medical exam, that ATC are really human and that I really ought to try a gyrocopter amongst a host of other things. Thank you so much for the effort you put in over the years.


  8. Hi Chris
    Thanks for getting in touch and your kind words. You’re right about getting busy. Sadly the podcast had to go. It was fun but took up too much time.
    I hope you enjoy learning to fly! Keep safe! Steve

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